Actor-Voice Artist -L&D Practitioner
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“I took up touring theatre in the mid-1980s when I co-founded the Animus Theatre Company with several other youthful and intrepid actors from Bolton. I put the pen down on my last exam paper and stepped into the theatre bus outside the school gates to head out to Austria and Germany on the festival circuit. My passion to create work that inspires, provokes, educates and entertains has in no way diminished, and I am delighted to continue to work on stage and screen thirty years on.
I have worked across a wide range of genres, from clowning and panto to horror films, new writing and Shakespeare. I love devising and collaborative work and am always ready for a new challenge.”

“An incredible piece of theater that is both flawlessly acted and beautifully staged ”

(Tale of  Two Cities, Hong Kong and Edinburgh)

“First class narration. There are very few books that I would read or listen to more than once, but this may be one of the exceptions. The narrator brings the characters to life with perfection and has the most wonderful voice to listen to.” (Secrets of Death)”


“I have been using applied theatre skills in L&D for both public and private sectors since 1998. I work as a coach, facilitator, role player and designer of business simulations, borrowing skills and techniques from the rehearsal room and applying them to the practise of other professions, not only for senior leaders and managers, but a vast range of occupations, as diverse as rail workers, medical experts, mechanics and retail staff.
My particular strengths lie in audience engagement and communication skills. I run masterclasses on body language, personality styles and presentation skills among other areas of capability development all around the world.”

“I have helped devise numerous workshops in support of my own and other people’s work and have taught and lectured in theatre throughout the UK.”