Rogers Going Rogue

The second book in Neil’s Tom Novak series. Tom must try to deal with a spate of deadly terrorist attacks on the streets of London. There are some great characters and plenty of action in this one.  I enjoyed bringing it to life. Should be released in Spring...

Amplity Health – What we do!

Delighted to have been part of this! Have a look at the video Amplity have produced to explain the range of services we are providing in the area of capability development. (The link will open in LinkedIn). I have loved working with Amplity (formerly Tardis Medical)...

George Pearly is a Miserable Old Sod

This has to be one of the funniest books I have had the pleasure to record. "Seventy year-old British ex-pat miserymonger George Pearly lives on the Costa del Sol, all alone except for his ancient, three-legged dog, Ambrose. George hates his life and everybody in it....

Jekyll & Hyde!

I was delighted to record a new version of 'The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde' by Robert Louis Stevenson for Rakuten-Kobo.    What superb writing.  A pleasure to read. It's now available here - have a listen to the sample - and you can get it free if...

The Bootneck – now available on Audible

  'The Chameleon Project'—a Black Operations unit led by Bruce McQuillian, whose existence is only known to a handful of men. When a corrupt politician with an appetite for preteen girls is kidnapped and tortured while under his unit's surveillance, McQuillian is...

New work in Saudi Arabia

My work has taken me all over the world in the last few years.  October saw my first visit to Saudi Arabia, where I was part of a team working with leaders from KAUST- the King Abdullah University For Science And Technology. There were few students on the Campus, but...

The Open Air Drawing Room exhibits at The Turner Contemporary Gallery

My wife Sabina and I were delighted to work with Actor and Performance Artist Eric MacLennan on this project that aims to set a world record for a piece of art with the greatest number of contributing artists ever. To date over 500 people have contributed watercolours...

New headshots

  Thank you to photographer Gareth Davies  

Leading Roles publish in The Times Higher Education

Leadership intelligence: can theatre academics guide HE managers? Teesside’s Leading Roles project uses stage techniques to train university staff in handling ‘challenging conversations’ and conflict, write Sharon Paterson, Paul Hessey and Mike Rogers Source: Getty...

Joining Voicebank London

I'm very pleased to be putting my voice work into the capable hands of Deborah Pearce and Kirsten Troy at Voicebank London. Please now contact them for all enquiries relating to voice jobs. EMAIL TEL Tel: +44 (0)20 3326 5430 Mob: +44 (0)75...

“Motive X” in production

The recording of the latest Stefan Ahnhem thriller is underway in the ManCave... Gripping stuff! Update - now available on

The Giveaway!

To celebrate the relaunch of my website this week, I'm giving away 10 of my audio books free to the first 10 people to request one.  There are no strings!  These are gifts and you don't need to sign up for any expenses, please just have a look at the books and let me...

Jonny Pizzazz

I was trawling through some voice samples the other day and rediscovered this character - Jonny Pizzazz, classic club comic - part of my first efforts to get a voice reel together.  I think we recorded this under a towel in mate's basement flat.

The Open Air Drawing Room

Just learned I’ll be joining the cast for Eric Maclennan’s new show, The Open Air Drawing Room. Eric is a fabulous actor and performance artist. Eric (left), Jane Nash (right) and I worked on A Voyage Around My Bedroom a couple of years ago and A Tale of Two Cities in...

Off to Ancient Athens

Very pleased to have been given the green light to narrate Thucydides’ history of the Peloponnesian War for Ukemi Audiobooks in the ManCave Studio.  Thucydides was an Athenian historian and general. His history recounts the fifth-century BC war between Sparta and...

New voicereel samples

I loved working with JP Orr at to get a different selection of Commercial and Narrative samples for my ongoing VO work.  You can find the full reels in the Voice section here.

Stefan Ahnem’s Fabian Risk Series

These three very tense gritty thrillers will all be available in the next few weeks.  All recorded in the ManCave Studio!  Hopefully there will be future Fabian Risk books out later in the year.

Lucky Travels

I’ve had another fabulous year of varied work, and feel particularly lucky to have travelled to eleven countries within the past 12 months: Portugal, Germany (4 times!), Switzerland, Denmark, Hungary, Taiwan, Slovakia, Austria (twice!), Italy, Greece, and Japan...

Fun on the Farms!

It’s going to be a busy run up to Christmas in the ManCave. I’m back recording 4 documentary narratives for the Glaser brothers: experts in agricultural machinery throughout the world. This time we’re off to South America!

Where are the Wurzels?

Another video narration for the Glaser brothers in the bag.  I’m learning a lot more about combine harvesters! Available to buy here…  Go on, you know you want to.

Moving History and Leading Departments

I’m delighted that two of my favourite programmes to deliver in the Higher Education sector will be retained (and possibly expanded) next year by Advance HE. Advance HE was formed in March 2018 by the merger of the Equality Challenge Unit, the Higher...

Unter den Linden

Berlin is one of the fabulous cities I have begun to travel to on a regular basis This month Sabina and I went just for the hell of it during one of the hottest weekends of the year, and I managed to catch this shot of her cooling off under the shower of spray in the...

Fall Down Dead – latest audiobook from Stephen Booth

I just spent a lovely couple of days at Isis Studios in Oxford, recording the latest in Stephen Booth's Cooper & Fry series, Fall Down Dead.  This is the 18th book in the series, and the 8th I have recorded.  Thanks to my friend Mike Dale for local pronunciation...

Of course I’m hungry, I’m Hungarian!

Enjoyed a fabulous weekend visiting Budapest and the shores of Lake Balaton, where we drank, feasted and played football with the World Cup in the background.  Thanks to my great friend Prof Zoltan Markus, who hosted so genially! X

What will come from this Feud..?

Delighted to be recording this premier novel by Derek Birks; the first from ManCave studios!  The audiobook version will be released mid-August.  It's cracking-paced historical fiction set during the Wars of the Roses.  Click here to read more about Derek's work.

The ManCave Studio is now up and running!

I have built a new studio in West Berkshire and am very happy to be now working from The ManCave! For those interested in the technical side, I record using a Sennheiser MKH 416 and Audient ID4 Audio USB Interface. The studio (behind King Tut!) is Soundbricks 1 and...

In Ruins

Possibly the most hideous photo of the two of us there will ever be… At least I hope so!  This is me with my wife Sabina, who co-runs Filament Theatre.  We put together one part of a five-part promenade theatre piece for the reopening of Reading Abbey Ruins.  Even our...

Blood Reckoning to be released in March

The 4th book in Danielle Ramsay's gritty crime dramas set in Whitley Bay is released on Audible on 15th March.  Not for the fainthearted!  

Joining an EPIC team

I'm delighted to start working with ATT - Active Training Team - as an actor/facilitator on their delivery of EPIC for Tideway: a multi-billion pound London construction project.  EPIC is immersive, simulation-based health & safety training at its award-winning...

It’s a varied life! Russian tractors, anyone?

Narrated by yours truly earlier this year.  Great guys to work with - real specialism.  I wasn't always confident of my Russian pronunciation, but it seems to have passed!!

Scarlet Pimpernel airs on Radio 4

The Scarlet Pimpernel Ep 1/2 Sunday 10 December 3.00pm-4.00pm BBC RADIO 4 James Purefoy stars as Sir Percy Blakeney in Jonathan Holloway's new adaptation of Baroness Orczy's classic tale, set in the French Revolution. Holloway's political interpretation is brought to...

Blind Alley released October 2017

The third Jack Brady novel was released this month on Audible.  Just trying to find the rights holder for number 2!  The first novel in this series was my first Audiobook, recorded back in 2000.  Native Geordies, please forgive and forget the accent.

Bib & Tucker

Celebrating with some of my fab and glamorous colleagues at Tardis Medical. It’s always great to work with people who not only care about what they do but love doing it!