Learning & Development Skills

I have been using applied theatre skills in L&D for both public and private sectors since 1998. I work as a coach, facilitator, role player and designer of business simulations, borrowing skills and techniques from the rehearsal room and applying them to the practise of other professions, not only for senior leaders and managers, but a vast range of occupations, as diverse as rail workers, medical experts, mechanics and retail staff.
My particular strengths lie in audience engagement and communication skills. I run masterclasses on body language, personality styles and presentation skills among other areas of capability development all around the world.

I am a trained NLP practitioner. In February 2014 I received a Diploma in Body Language from the NLP Centre of Excellence and became a member of the International Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching.  In August 2016 I completed training on the Inclusion, diversity, power and practice programme with the NHS Leadership Academy.


Quality orientation and performance assessment; setting performance objectives; delivering and managing feedback; working with competency frameworks.  I have worked in a number of assessment centres, often as facilitator and role-player in skills practise sessions.

Change Management

Examining tools for guiding the planning and implementation of change; identifying capability; exploring models of organisational culture; influencing and negotiation skills; examining narrative skills for leadership; emotional Intelligence models; handling sensitive situations; establishing personal development plans.  An example of work in this area is the Moving History programme I helped devise for Leading Roles: a simulation which explores the necessary planning and some of the difficult conversations involved in implementing a change programme within the Higher Education context, later adapted to a commercial context as Face To Face Training.

Coaching skills

I have worked as a coach since 2002, initially in the area of presentation skills and personal impact training, and latterly also as a business coach for managers and leaders of teams. I prefer to work face to face but have conducted numerous coaching sessions virtually and as part of L&D programmes delivered by Tardis Medical Consultancy in particular.  Tardis works exclusively in the area of Medical Affairs within the Pharmaceutical Industry. I am a qualified NLP practitioner and a member of the International Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching.

Emotional Intelligence

Active listening; Empathy; Rapport; Body-language skills, eye-contact etc; separating information from feelings and intention; testing understanding; NOT interupting, changing the subject


Giving Feedback

Handling Conflict & Sensitive or Courageous Conversations

Conflict resolution models; handling expectations


Adapting/flexing personality styles; persuasion; inspiring, enthusing, creating ownership, creating win-wins; selling benefits; promoting the desire to achieve; using positive language; decisiveness; overcoming barriers; planning for the future… These topics frequently occur in the programmes I help deliver for a wide range of companies.  I have been conducting skills practise and bespoke role play with these topics since 2001.


Handling meetings; the importance of preparation; the bargaining area; managing expectations; closure techniques; irritators, proposals and counter-proposals, defend/attack spirals, argument dilution; mapping and validating; bargaining and conceding packages; agreement checklists.

Personal Impact Training

Status; non-verbal signals (eye-contact, face, posture and gestures, positioning); voice: breath, power, pitch, pauses, vocal stress; making a contribution in meetings; building and maintaining rapport; persuasiveness; Emotional Intelligence; how to make an entrance; how to summon the best version of yourself; how you can encourage your physiology to enable more positive psychology.

Personality Styles

Self-perception; personality archetypes; flexing behaviour; adapting behaviour under stress. I have a very familiar working knowledge of the Bolton & Bolton mModel (People Styles at Work) – also known as ‘Colours’ or ‘Insights’ / Jungian framework / Myers Briggs (MBTI) as well as Mcclelland’s leadership styles, motivation and Transactional Analysis (TA).

Presentation Skills

Voice; body language; coping with nerves; preparation and organising material; what-you-say toolkit ; pattern notes; content timing; dealing with questions; making the most of PowerPoint; spatial anchors and movement theory; narrative and storytelling ingredients… I have worked on presentation skills across a range of sectors and at all levels, including CEOs.  My background and experience as a theatre director helps me view presentations from an audience perspective and how they might be most engaging.

Strategic Thinking

Long-term focus; systems and the big-picture; identifying leverage; examinimg assumptions; influencing, motivating and enabling skills; crossing boundaries of power; human resources dimension when planning; maintaining and sustaining teams; understanding and embedding diversity; techniques for ‘making it happen’ and ‘keeping on track’; personal leadership styles and impact; personal challenges and support networks within sectors.