This has to be one of the funniest books I have had the pleasure to record.

“Seventy year-old British ex-pat miserymonger George Pearly lives on the Costa del Sol, all alone except for his ancient, three-legged dog, Ambrose. George hates his life and everybody in it. These feelings are mutual. Everyone hates George too.

“From this unhappy equilibrium the situation quickly deteriorates. First, George discovers he is dying of a mystery illness. Then his 35 year-old ape-child nephew, Kevin, moves into George’s tiny and once tranquil home with a passion for Vimto, Coco Pops and slobbing around in his greying underpants. Worst of all, George’s neighbours start to disappear and all accusing fingers point towards George.

“Pull up a sun lounger, grab yourself a piƱa colada and enjoy a murder-mystery romp on Spain’s sunny southern coast.”

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